Holding Ourselves

to the Strictest Guidelines

Compliance Reinforced by Experience

Oversight by Senior Leadership and Management

A Robust Compliance Management System

A Formal Complaints Research and Response Program

Compliance Focused
Internal Audit

Fair Practice is one of Our Primary Focuses

Recovery Remedies believes that the best way to maximize recovery for our clients is to treat customers in a fair, transparent, and equitable manner. This means that we do what we say we will do, and that we conduct business with integrity. We treat customers with dignity and respect, while taking their individual circumstances into account. This results in the best outcome for all that are involved.

Finding Resolution for You

Dedicated to “Doing it Right”

We strictly engineered our CMS by state and federal laws, regulations, and guidelines and generated a comprehensive compliance program built on the four elements critical to any successful Compliance Management System: Senior Leadership and Management Oversight, a Strong Compliance Program, a Consumer Compliant Management Program, and an Independent Compliance Audit.

System Includes:


Compliance Committee Oversight

Vendor Management Program

Call Monitoring And Retention

Compliance Curriculum

Consumer Complaints Response

Compliance Testing And Audits

Compliance Committee Oversight

Recovery Remedies has created and maintains a Compliance Management System (CMS) that acts as the guiding compass for our debt-collection services operation, to ensure that we adhere in the strictest sense to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

In doing so, we know and have embraced that senior management must lead and demonstrate sound compliance behaviors and practices; that the training and supervision of our staff must teach, coach, and reinforce what it means to be compliant at all times; that customer concerns and complaints not only require but deserve a timely and accurate response; and that each of our business processes must be monitored and controlled through quality assurance, independent internal audits, and other preventative and detective measures. By doing this we protect consumers, our clients reputations, and the bottom line.

Recovery Remedies is an experienced debt collection agency focused on staying at the cutting edge of our industry.